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Chris's Worldskills journey - Part 4 - Euroskills

Last week Chris traveled out to Budapest as a part of Worldskills UK's Euroskills Team. The joinery competition is an 18 hour project spread over 3 days and made up of two parts, a frame and a door to fit inside. This years project was a tricky one including a curved head on the frame and door with intricate joint details designed to test the competitors skills, problem solving and initiative to make the job to the high standard expected within the tight timescale.

Chris competing
Chris competing on the second day

Well we're proud to announce that Chris did and excellent job and earned himself a medallion of excellence which means he came 4th. The age limit for Euroskills is older than the age limit for Worldskills so a lot of the other countries decided to enter older more experienced competitors instead of giving their Worldskills competitors the experience of high level competition which in my opinion is foolish of them and it gives Chris a good advantage going into worldskills with the experience of his success at Euroskills behind him.

Chris with his medallion

Now that Euroskills is over the next big event is team selection which will happen early next year. Even though the other member of the UK joinery squad dropped out leaving Chris as the only competitor, he still has to meet the required standard at team selection in order to get his place on the plane to Kazan.

Team UK at the closing ceremony

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